E-rate records management system built for 10 year+ retention

Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified School District is a public school district located in Fresno County,California.

The district is made up of twenty-one schools. There are fourteen elementary sites, amiddle school and one comprehensive high school. There are two K-8 and one K-12charter schools. In addition, there is an alternative education continuation school, analternative education independent study school, a community day school, and an adultschool. The district covers 180 square miles and serves a population of 31,000.



Sanger's E-rate files from E-rate Year 1


When EdTechnologyFunds first engaged with SangerUnified School District (SUSD) they were storing paper versions of their E-rate documentation. These boxes were filling up entire rooms as there was documents spanning more than a decade. We wanted to help them get organized and centralized their documents in one secure location.










Sanger's paper files were scanned, automatically classifed and uploaded directly to ErateSync.

The onboarding of documents not only cleared up the clutter, it allowed Sanger's staff to retrieve and access documents with ease and at a rate, they could not before.







  • Centralized ALL E-rate records for each Funding Year starting from Year 1
  • USAC certified forms and files stored on Google Drive were automatically imported and classified
  • Accounting team and consultants able to manage records