About Us

What is ErateSync?

ErateSync is a cloud service that enables Schools and Libraries to manage and centralize annual records for compliance with the FCC’s E-rate documentation retention requirements. With ErateSync, funding records are automatically imported from USAC, Google Drive, or your local drive - all in one centralized location - by  Funding Year.

Most importantly, ErateSync has been designed from the ground up to protect sensitive compliance records. ErateSync's cloud storage platform encrypts files at rest, which protects stored files from unauthorized access. ErateSync does not have access to user data, and user information is not sold to advertisers or other third-parties.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that program participants retain all documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with the statute and Commission rules regarding the application for, receipt, and delivery of services regarding schools and libraries discounts. Schools, libraries, and service providers are subject to both random audits and other audits (or investigations) to examine an entity’s compliance with the statute and the Commission’s rules initiated at the Commission's discretion, USAC, or another authorized governmental oversight body.

The FCC adopted the E-rate Modernization Order on July 11, 2014, extending the document retention period to 10 years after the latter of the last day of the applicable funding year or the service delivery deadline for the funding request. Click here for more information on the FCC’s Documentation requirements.


Our Story

ErateSync is a subsidiary of EdTechnologyFunds, Inc., which was founded in 2010 by Beverly Sutherland to help schools and libraries get funding from the FCC’s E-rate program.

Beverly, a former software engineer and worldwide product manager, started EdTechnologyFunds because she believes technology can be a “game-changer” in students' lives and their families like it has been for hers. School and library organizations have the inspiring yet arduous task of determining how best to prepare buildings, teachers, and communities for 21st century learning.

ErateSync realizes that vision by making the management of critical funding records easier and accessible to all organizations, including those located in the country's urban and rural areas. Maintaining compliance with federal and local requirements is no longer an obstacle in getting the funding needed to support on-campus and remote learning.