How can Eratesync help YOU?


AutoSync from

Almost Anywhere

The Autosync feature makes it effortless to centralize records from USAC, Google Drive, or your hard drive.


Organized Records

at Your Fingertips

  • ErateSync’s algorithm creates an organized management process, with each document stored by funding year and E-rate category, for easy accessibility.
  • Generate Documentation Report by Funding year
  • Add consultants, Staff Members and others as needed

Minimize Funding Return & Keep Ownership of Your Data

When using ErateSync, you have the reassurance of being fully prepared for USAC audits and reviews. 


Keep Data Confidential With Our Secure Cloud

File encryption protects your confidential data in the cloud from unauthorized access at all times. We can’t read your files, and no one else can either.


Track & Restore Your Files

  • ErateSync tracks file moves, deletes, & shares making it easy to recover deleted files. Never worry about losing a file again.
  • Live Chat, Email and Phone Support available