ErateSync can help you:

  • Centralize and categorize important E-rate filing data for upcoming reviews and audits.
  • Store and track records as needed for purchases through the Emergency Connectivity Fund
  • Ensure you are staying up-to-date with compliance per FCC’s rules.

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ErateSync is Trusted by Schools and Libraries Nationwide

ErateSync Can Help You:

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Automatically Import from USAC

Automatically import USAC forms 470, 471, and even RFP's, among others.

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Centralize E-rate & ECF Records

Access your important documents anytime, anywhere.


Create Annual Reports

Create an annual report to give stakeholders transparency throughout the funding process.



Improved search capabilities allow for easy access to your data with organized filling by date.

Our Competitive Advantage


Cloud Capabilities

ErateSync automatically tags & uploads files from many locations. No matter where you are, records are stored and secured on the cloud.

Manage all records by Funding Year

With ErateSync, all of your files are stored by funding year so you can easily access your data, even after many years have elapsed. 


Store Files

With ErateSync, you can keep your place as you make headway in each section of the E-rate application process.



Invite E-rate team members from all departments to ensure accountability. 

Track files forever

Gain peace-of-mind by tracking files from years past and ensure deadlines are kept for upcoming audits.



School Districts

“The initial setup and login process is very easy with ErateSync! We can now efficiently review and retrieve copies of E-rate documents that were uploaded by our consultant. This is very helpful from a compliance standpoint."

-Joseph H., School District IT Director


"The ErateSync tool is easy enough to navigate and provide access to other end-users. Having my organization’s invoices and payments in a single repository is very helpful. The invoices are even broken up into fiscal years and tags can even be added.

The funding year reporting tool will prove to be very helpful as an end-user can select a specific funding year and all documents related to that funding year are populated. The PDF report breaks down the funding year by category such as forms, funding requests, competitive bids, compliance, and more.

Based on my use so far, it will be very helpful in my organization’s efforts to stay organized in maintaining all required documents for our E-Rate-related programs and efforts for many years to come. With all the regulations and requirements involved for participation in E-Rate, maintaining your documentation and paperwork is crucial. ErateSync will aid in that effort."

-Ryan Ibarra, IT Principal - San Diego County Library

Charter Schools

"Being the one person responsible for E-rate at my school, ErateSync made the E-rate program much more manageable. I can now easily track and generate a report of all documents by funding year.”

-Vivianna T., Charter School Executive Director

Private Schools